How it Works? – old

In order to use Data4Action, there are simple steps that need to be followed taken into consideration.

  1. Consider the devices specifications which are going to be used for the data collection process
  2. Install the Data4Action Application on your iOS or Android device.
  3. Authenticate device by entering the password provided by survey manager through survey builder platform. You will need to enter your device password into the admin screen of the device
  4. Create and customize your survey on the Data4Action web platform
  5. Assign your survey to your device on survey builder platform
  6. Download the survey to your device
  7. Use as many devices as needed to collect the data
  8. Collect and upload the data from the mobile device
  9. Visualize the data using built-in Data4Action dashboard tool
  10. Export data as the CSV, SPSS format for further analysis using different data analysis and business intelligence tools.