How it Works

Get started with your own survey

Use Data4Action survey builder to build, customize survey, assign to devices and to collect data from health facility or field

Step 1: Prepare

Consider the devices specifications which are going to be used for the data collection. Check Data4Action online manual and documentation for more information.

Step 2: Install

Install the Data4Action Application on your iOS or Android device. Data4Action is available on Google Play Store and Apple iOS Store. Its free App!

Step 3: Configure

Authenticate your device by entering the password provided by survey manager through survey builder platform. You will need to enter your device password in the admin screen of the device.

Step 4: Create

Create and customize your survey using the Data4Action web platform. Use drag and drop survey builder to add your survey questions and set survey flow.

Step 5: Assign

Assign your survey to your device from survey builder platform. Once device is authenticated and assigned to survey, survey can be downloaded to device.

Step 6: Download

Once device is assigned to a survey, you can open Data4Action app and download assigned survey to your device.

Step 7: Collect

You can use as many devices as needed to collect the data. Collect and upload data from the mobile or tablet devices.

Step 8: Visualize

Data4Action includes built-in tools that help to visualize the data using dashboard and quick charts and more.

Step 9: Export

For further data analysis, you can export data as the CSV, SPSS format using different data analysis and business intelligence tools.