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Connect and Authenticate Your Devices

Abedalelah January 17, 2021
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To link your data collection device to your survey, you need to get the Device Password (example: 764502) from your survey builder account. The Device Password is being used to link your data collection device(s) to your survey builder account. So that, you can assign your survey to your devices and start collection data. Your Device Password can be found on the Devices Tab – Survey Management Page.

Before start collecting data, you will need to connect and authenticate your device to your survey builder account. To authenticate your device, follow below steps or watch the How-to video:

  1. Open the Data4Action App.
  2. Select the Devices Tab
  3. Enter your Device Username. You can use any friendly username to identify your device. Device username is a friendly name for your device. For example, ABC INC iPad 2 or John Mobile. Device username is used to identify each device registered to your survey builder account
  4. Enter your Device Password. Password can be found on your Survey Builder account
  5. Tab on the Authenticate button
  6. You should see a Confirmation Message, saying that your device has been successfully authenticated
  7. Log in to your Survey Builder Account and Assign Survey to device

Repeat same steps for any device you need to use for collecting data.


  • Make sure that your device is connected to internet through WIFI or 3G/4G before authenticating.
  • Device password can be used to connect several surveys to your survey builder account. In another word, each survey builder account has one device password to connect and authenticate several devices.
  • After authenticating a device, you may need to refresh the Devices Page if you do not see your device listed.
  • If you run large data collection projects, its recommended to label the back of each device with its Data4Action Device Username to avoid confusion between multiple devices and data collection team members.