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  1. Module 01: Overview

  2. Who Can Attend This Course?
  3. What is Data4action?
  4. How it Works?
  5. Knowledge Check
  6. Module 02: Survey Development
    Devices & App
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  7. Survey Design
    5 Topics
  8. Survey Questions
    8 Topics
  9. Assign Survey
    2 Topics
  10. Module 03: Theme & Options
    Survey Theme
    2 Topics
  11. Survey Options
    11 Topics
  12. Module 04: Survey Testing
    Test and Flow
    4 Topics
  13. Module 05: Survey Launching
    Survey Launching
    3 Topics
  14. Module 06: Survey Results
    Results & Submissions
    6 Topics
  15. Download Results
    4 Topics
  16. Results Visualization
    6 Topics
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Hot Answers

Abedalelah January 17, 2021
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The Hot Answer feature automatically sends you an email notification when an interviewee answers a survey question that has been marked as a Hot Answer.

Data4Action matches your “Uploaded Results” with the Hot Answer criteria you set up in your survey. Hot Answer criteria matching cannot be done until your survey results are uploaded from your device. To receive Hot Answer email notifications in a timely manner, it is recommended that you also enable Real Time Results within the survey options tab. Hot Answers is an advanced option, and it is disabled by default. Follow below instructions to enable Hot Answers on your device.

  1. Choose survey you want to edit
  2. Go to Options Tab
  3. Go to Hot Answers and expand section
  4. Tick the checkbox Enable Hot Answers for this Survey button
  5. Enter an Email Address for receiving email notifications
  6. Select the Send Test button and verify that the test email is received
  7. Select the Save button