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  1. Module 01: Overview

  2. Who Can Attend This Course?
  3. What is Data4action?
  4. How it Works?
  5. Knowledge Check
  6. Module 02: Survey Development
    Devices & App
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  7. Survey Design
    5 Topics
  8. Survey Questions
    8 Topics
  9. Assign Survey
    2 Topics
  10. Module 03: Theme & Options
    Survey Theme
    2 Topics
  11. Survey Options
    11 Topics
  12. Module 04: Survey Testing
    Test and Flow
    4 Topics
  13. Module 05: Survey Launching
    Survey Launching
    3 Topics
  14. Module 06: Survey Results
    Results & Submissions
    6 Topics
  15. Download Results
    4 Topics
  16. Results Visualization
    6 Topics
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Kiosk Mode

Abedalelah January 17, 2021
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Kiosk Mode is designed for customers who want to operate Data4Action in an unattended environment. Your survey can be set up to automatically restart if the survey has not been completed and the device has been inactive for a period. You can customize the number of seconds a survey can be inactive before the app automatically restarts the survey.

Kiosk Mode has an option for displaying a Restart Warning Alert to the user before the app automatically restarts the survey. The optional Restart Warning Alert prompts the user and gives them the opportunity to cancel the automatic restart. You can customize the number of seconds the Restart Warning Alert is displayed to a user before the survey is automatically restarted. To disable this Restart Warning select Off. If you disable the Restart Warning Alert, the survey will automatically restart as soon as the Inactive Survey Timeout period is reached.

  1. Go to the Surveys Tab
  2. Choose survey you want to edit
  3. Go to Options Tab
  4. Go to Kiosk Mode and expand section
  5. Tick the checkbox Enable Kiosk Mode
  6. Set an Inactivity Timeout period in seconds.
  7. Set a Warning Period in seconds or select 0 to disable Restart Warning Alert.
  8. Select the Save button