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What is Data4action?

Amjad December 21, 2020

Data4Action is a mobile data collection tool created to collect (online/offline), report, and visualize data. Although developed by UNICEF with the main objective of supporting data collection projects, research and assessments related to immunization in various countries, Data4Action can also support data collection project in any health field. Data4Action is developed to support users who are working in public health, such as UNICEF team, consultants, and partners.

It is an extremely flexible survey tool aimed to facilitate the process of real-time data collection and reporting. Through its survey builder, users can create and customize surveys in the field of immunization such as health facility assessment for operational deployment planning, cold chain inventory assessment, monitoring of installation or maintenance of cold chain equipment, valuation of introducing new vaccines and the monitoring of supply, among others. The tool can also be used for big surveys like EPI coverage, EVM assessment and even for continuous monitoring of facility-based coverage, and vaccine stock levels, in addition to the functionality of cold chain.